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As a company that’s just starting or one that’s gone through its early phases and is looking for effective ways to grow, your PR strategy is critical. However, in the early stages of business, PR can sometimes be tricky due to limited budgets and the expected competition of larger, more established organizations. What’s important to remember, is that an effective PR strategy doesn’t necessarily need to be based on your companies size or budget. Put your brand on the map and reach your target audience with these effective PR strategies:

Utilize Big Data & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

When you think Artificial Intelligence (AI), you might think Hollywood depictions of robots or talking computer systems. In reality, AI, machine learning and Big Data are tech systems that are revolutionizing numerous industries; including PR. Big Data gives organizations, both large and small, the ability to generate a collection of data sets based on different areas such as financial, economic, societal, and lifestyle data. These data sets help companies analyze patterns and make accurate industry predictions. From a PR perspective, Big Data gives insights into both internal, shared, and external data streams:



Owned Channels (Websites, Social Networks, Blogs, Press Releases etc.)

Price Promotions (Costs, Pricing, etc.)



Experiential Marketing



News Coverage

Social Conversations

Competitor Marketing

Create a Solid Social Media Strategy

Your organization’s social media strategy should be one of your main points of focus. Profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great ways to directly interact with your audience, and keep them engaged in your organizations progress. Schedule events, announce product or service launches, create interactive social campaigns, and simply use each platform to efficiently connect with your following. Sponsored and promoted posts are also a great way to get in front of new users; it’s cost-effective, and can definitely generate more views and engagement on your social activity.  

Relevant Content Over Paid Advertisements

There are tons of sites out there that will allow you to publish relevant content linked to your business, for little to no cost; take advantage of these, in addition to your social media platforms.  While paid advertisements can be useful, you don’t want to flood your followers feed with spammy ads. Get creative! Reel your followers in with engaging and original content that they can relate to. The more content and engagement, the more relevant your brand becomes in the eyes of your audience, and major search engines such as Google.

Don’t Forget Traditional Methods

The more traditional forms of PR and advertising are still relevant and carry a significant amount of credibility in today’s digital world. Features in local newspapers, journals, radio and television broadcasts are still great ways to reach the masses, even though they seem a little “old school.”  Entrepreneur contributor, Jennifer Maloney states, “If you want to land earned editorial with traditional press, offer the outlet you are targeting an exclusive angle. Your brand has many layers. Find the right outlets to tell each aspect of your brand story to.”