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In today’s technologically-advanced world, many tasks can be completed on a computer or mobile device. Such changes have afforded people in many different industries the opportunity to perform their specific job functions from home. In fact, working from home offers special benefits, and can be a great fit for employees! These are just some of the ways that working from home can benefit a professional. At Resplendent Hospitality, we offer a very flexible work-remote policy. We want our employees to feel trusted and allow for extra freedom when needed.

No Commute or Distractions

For some people, traveling to and from work is time-consuming and expensive. Besides, no one enjoys sitting in traffic first-thing in the morning, especially before the coffee has kicked in. Individuals who work from home have no commute and can enjoy a few spare minutes of sleep in the morning. Individuals who work from home also have the ability to more fully control their environment, including factors such as noise level, temperature, and dress code. Just picture the everyday office—people scurrying around, numerous phones ringing, and conversations flying every which way. A home office offers a quiet respite from all of this hullabaloo.

Fewer Expenses

Professionals who work remotely often enjoy reduced professional expenses. For starters, there’s the lack of commute. Since they don’t have to pay for gas money, employees save plenty of time—and money—each morning. In addition, there’s the opportunity to live in a more affordable area, one further from the office, in order to save money on rent or mortgage. And, of course, there’s the dress code (or lack thereof). People who work from home can wear whatever they please; this means that they don’t have to spend money on pricey professional attire.

Increased Independence

Persons who work from home are more likely to hone personal and professional independence skills. Without a wide array of co-workers surrounding them, they may have to find answers to their own questions. Even if they can message coworkers on apps such as Slack or Skype, delayed response time may mean it’s more effective to find your own solutions. In the same vein, people who work remotely may be in charge of creating their own schedules or setting up their day-to-day tasks. It’s sink-or-swim for some professionals, but people who work from home may very well thrive under this system.