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As we enter a completely new decade, social media experts are looking at a few up-and-coming platforms that could compete with established social networks for younger users and consumers over the next five years. Although Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are as popular as ever, trend-watchers are keeping a close eye on interesting platforms like Kik, Vero, and Tik Tok to see how a new generation of Internet and mobile phone users utilizes social networking. Read along as we discuss why Tik Tok, Kik, and Vero are rising social media platforms to look out for in 2020!

Kik Embraces the Power of Messaging

One intriguing social media platform to keep an eye on as we finish off 2019 is Kik. Kik already ranks among the top ten phone applications for teenagers in the United States. 

The platform offers instant messaging technology that is similar to Facebook Messenger, which makes it extremely convenient to quickly converse in groups. The huge difference between Kik and other social media competitors is that Kik is much more private than the other social media giants. You don’t need a phone number to register a Kik account (which is required by Facebook and Instagram), all you need is a username and an e-mail to get the ball rolling. 

Kik’s commitment to privacy and instant messaging, along with its current popularity amongst teens — makes the platform one to watch as we head into 2020. For businesses looking to communicate quickly and efficiently with a trendy set of consumers, Kik might be the perfect tool for customer relations.

Vero Avoids Algorithms to Appeal to Marketers

If you’ve paid any attention at all to social media over the past five years, you are well aware of the trend of influencer marketers using their social media presence to advertise various products.

A newer social media platform that hopes to take advantage of influencer marketers in 2020 and beyond is Vero. Vero is an image-based social media platform that is similar to Instagram. The important difference between Vero and Instagram, though, is that Vero does not rely on algorithms to push content onto users. Instead, Vero advertises itself as an organic platform that users and marketers alike can enjoy in a more honest, ad-free manner. If consumers are navigating towards this “all-natural” type of platform, it may be worth a try for marketers and businesses!

Tik Tok Targets Short Mobile Videos

Tik Tok hopes to bring short mobile videos back into vogue in 2020. The platform, which is somewhat reminiscent of the now-defunct Vine platform, asks users to record daily mobile videos and share them with friends.

The platform has thus far been a hit, as it is currently outpacing all other social media platforms from an app download standpoint, even beating out stalwarts like Instagram and Facebook. The platform is becoming extremely popular with young teenagers, who love sharing short videos with their pals. Branding on Tik Tok only requires short-form content, and it could lead to plenty of benefits!