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As a professional, you’ve more than likely gone through a few different interviews over the course of your career. You’ve finally found a job that you enjoy, and can see yourself advancing in overtime, and you’ve just heard word of an opportunity for a potential promotion. At this point in your career, you feel like you’re ready to move forward and grow within your company. So, how can you best prepare for your interview and have the best chance at landing that promotion?  Here are a few tips:

Be Aware of the Hiring Process

Just because this is an internal interview, doesn’t mean you can cut corners or act as if you have an upper hand. You almost want to act as if the position and the company are brand new to you. Simply put, be aware of the hiring process. Whenever a company posts a position, whether they are hiring internally, externally, or both, there’s usually a process behind it.  Experts advise that you never expect to bypass the company’s hiring process because of your current role. If there are rules and expectations on how your company hires, know them, and know that they apply to you as well.

Know the Position

Do everything you can to learn about the position you’re going for. From an internal perspective, this is a great opportunity for you to consult your manager or a higher-up on what the position entails and what you can expect. It also shows your active interest in the position and that it’s important to you. Do your own research, and brush up on any company information you may be a little rusty on.

Dress to Impress

Remember, an internal interview should be treated similarly to an external interview. Though your higher-ups may know you personally, it’s always a great idea to dress to impress and show that you’re taking the interview seriously. Be professional and poised and carry yourself with purpose. You want to show the individual that’s interviewing you that this new role is valued and important. Whether your everyday work wardrobe is casual, or formal, during your interview tale it to the next level and dress to the nines!

Be Prepared to Talk About Your Current Role

One of the greatest aspects of an internal interview is the opportunity to “show off” what you’ve done during your time in your current role, and how you’ve contributed to the company’s success; talk about your achievements and future goals. This is the “sell yourself” stage, where you want to highlight your strengths, personality, work ethic, and generally why you think you’d be a good fit for the promotion. Bring your updated resume, highlight and certifications or awards, and use this time as a platform to show who you are.